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This might be Sony’s first teaser for the PlayStation 5 (SNE)

<ul><li> <strong> Sony’s next PlayStation console is in the works. It’s still unannounced, but all signs point to it being named " <a href="https://www.businessinsider.com/category/playstation-5?utm_source=intl&utm_medium=ingest">PlayStation 5</a> ." </strong> <li><li> PlayStation fans spotted a new theme on the PlayStation 4 that they say teases a PlayStation 5. <li><li> The tease, they contend, is in a tiny detail: The "S" in PlayStation looks a lot like a "5," but it looks different in "Holidays." <li></ul>

<p class="">Is Sony beginning to tease <a href="https://www.businessinsider.com/category/playstation-5?utm_source=intl&utm_medium=ingest" id="e34310a3-0193-3dd0-a4cd-cad0daec4942"> the PlayStation 5 </a> ? Maybe.</p>

<p class="">PlayStation fans certainly seem to think so, and they’re pointing to a very specific clue as evidence. It all starts with the annual holiday theme that Sony sent out to PlayStation 4 owners:</p>

<figure class="image" align=""> <img src="http://ocdn.eu/images/pulscms/YTU7MDA_/195dfdbf-2991-4a06-8e19-e2330d4cde54.jpeg" alt="PlayStation 5 teaser"> <figcaption>PlayStation 5 teaser</figcaption> </figure>

<p class="">The theme is free for PlayStation 4 owners who opt in to Sony’s "special offers and promos" emails a little bonus for attentive Sony fans.</p>

<p class="">Notably, the "S" in "Holidays" looks like a pretty normal version of the letter S. Keep that in mind, as it’s the central argument that Sony is teasing the PlayStation 5 with its 2018 holiday theme.</p>

<p class="">Now let’s look closer at the other element of the theme:</p>

<figure class="image" align=""> <img src="http://ocdn.eu/images/pulscms/MmQ7MDA_/d8a13c8a-bba1-4b1b-b64e-fdbfd36df43e.jpg" alt="PlayStation 5 teaser"> <figcaption>PlayStation 5 teaser</figcaption> </figure>

<p class="">The "S" in "PlayStation" looks a lot more like the number "5" than the other version of the letter "S" in the word "Holidays."</p>

<p class="">That’s pretty much it!</p>

<p class="">Whether this directly teases the PlayStation 5 is unknown 2018 is also the five-year anniversary of the PlayStation 4’s launch in 2013. What is clear is that the "S" in PlayStation looks a lot like the number five, and it’s not just a measure of the typeface being used.</p>

<p class="">Sony has yet to officially announce a successor to the PlayStation 4, but Sony execs have spoken about one being in the works.</p>

<p class="">"It’s necessary to have a next-generation hardware," Sony president Kenichiro Yoshida <a href="https://www.businessinsider.com/sony-is-already-working-on-playstation-5-2018-10?utm_source=intl&utm_medium=ingest" id="f86ca8e6-00d3-3be8-abd1-27ad8024bf4c"> said in an interview in October </a> . Previously, in May, PlayStation head John Kodera spoke of ongoing work on the next PlayStation console that would take another several years to complete that would put the PlayStation 5 in a 2021 launch window.</p>

<p class="">Representatives for Sony didn’t respond to a request for comment as of publishing.</p>

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<p class=""><strong> SEE ALSO: <a href="https://www.businessinsider.com/sony-is-already-working-on-playstation-5-2018-10?utm_source=intl&utm_medium=ingest" id="8131974b-d297-373c-a3d7-0345e758b3d6"> The next PlayStation is already in the works, says Sony’s new president </a> </strong></p>

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